Sensuality. Love. Devotion. Romance. Ecstasy. Pleasure.

Flora is the ancient Roman Goddess of spring and flowers. In one myth she was struck by Cupid’s arrow and, overwhelmed by love and completely breathless in a moment of rapture, she called for Eros. However, the sound ‘ros’ came out of her mouth instead. So ‘rose’ became another word for Eros, and it also became the symbol for love, beauty, and passion.

Many patriarchal religions have placed a shameful cloak around sensuality, sex, pleasure, ecstasy, rapture, and sexuality. One of the most natural, pleasurable parts of life has become conditional and judged. The rose wants us to heal from this, and to remember that pleasure, sensuality, sexual preference, and expression of desire can be some of the most sacred, miraculous things about being a human on Earth.


Card of the day from The Rose Oracle

This card comes with a message about receiving and giving love and pleasure. Flora wants you to know that your sensuality, your passion, and your sexuality (no matter how you identify) are sacred and holy. She wants you to connect with your sensual true nature. And to celebrate this in all people

Rose Transmission

My sensuality is sacred and holy. Other people’s sensuality is sacred and holy. I open myself up to express and receive love in a way that feels safe and good to me. I release painful programming and experiences and return to love.

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