You Are Not For Everyone

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Answering the call.

I remember the exact moment when I was writing this chapter of Light Is The New Black. It came in fully formed: You Are Not For Everyone. I had received the guidance to write a book to support light workers. To help them answer the call within them, to say yes to their purpose and reconnect to a life that lights them up. But I wasn’t being courageous myself, I was afraid of being seen and heard, and of not being accepted. So, You Are Not For Everyone guided me through a challenging time. My hope for this episode is that it encourages you to, little by little, begin to start sharing who you really are with the world.

“If we follow what lights us up, we light up the world without even trying.”

— Rebecca Campbell

Key Timestamps

  • 00:28 A poem: You Are Not For Everyone.

  • 01:30 Where this piece of writing came from within me.

  • 02:21 Answering the call to support light workers in saying yes to their purpose.

  • 03:30 Being held back and afraid of the haters and negative comments.

  • 04:20 My deep yearning to share my voice, my creations, my gifts and to find my people.

  • 04:43 Your people from a soul perspective.

  • 05:17 Embracing who you really are.

  • 05:32 If you’re feeling out of alignment…

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