What Is A Mystical Experience?

In this episode

WE EXPLORE MYSTICAL EXPERIENCES: what they are, what they aren’t & how to know.

Chances are you may have had one yourself – but perhaps just didn’t realise it.

‘Mystical Experiences’ may sound pretty ‘out there’ or spooky or like an episode of the X-Files but rest assured, a mystical experience may be different to what you think. What if I told you that a 2009 survey found that almost 50% of Americans said they have had a mystical experience. Whilst some mystical experiences may be utterly show-stopping and life-changing – they can also be subtle, subliminal and gentle. This episode is a short introduction to mystical experiences, offering some some examples from my own life and others… I’m excited to see what it stirs up in you.

“Mystical Experiences are not just profound moments of connection; they are doorways into understanding ourselves and the greater universe.

— Rebecca Campbell


Soul Inquiry

The Soul Inquiry prompt for this episode is:
Have you had a Mystical Experience?
What did it shift in you?

Now it's time to commit to a grounded action:
What is one baby step you can take in that direction today to integrate it?

Key Timestamps

  • 01:31 Opening Sacred Space.

  • 03:30 Is a mystical experience different to a spiritual awakening?

  • 08:36 Mystical experiences in nature.

  • 09:47 Mystical experiences through the portal of death.

  • 11:18 Mystical experiences through meditation.

  • 12:43 Collective mystical experiences and energy.

  • 15:43 My first mystical experience.

  • 16:26 My energetic awakening.

  • 18:30 The most sacred moment of my life.

  • 19:43 The most physical and transcendent experience of my life.

  • 21:42 An invitation to receive your mystical experiences in the future more fully.

  • 23:54 Today’s Soul Inquiry prompts

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