Land Consciousness

In this episode

We’re exploring land consciousness: seeing all parts of the earth as sacred and conscious.

Taking our place as reverent custodians and protectors of the lands upon which we live.

When I talk about ‘Land Consciousness’ – I’m talking about all parts of the land, stones, plants, trees, rivers, flowers etc – but also its ancestors: its keepers, its custodians, its traditions, its intelligence, its memories, its spiritual essence. It’s about seeing the alive-ness of the earth and land around us.

I’m going to be sharing with you a personal story of how a discovery at my front door brought me to my knees as I realised how profoundly the land we live on provides for us, if we just open our eyes to truly see it. This moment changed so much for me and how I navigate my way through this life, no matter what land I’m on.

“Land consciousness is the belief that all land holds memory and experiences, that the land is a living thing.

— Rebecca Campbell, Episode 10


Soul Inquiry

The Soul Inquiry prompt for this episode is:
How can you tend to your relationship with the land upon which you live?

Now it's time to commit to a grounded action:
What is a baby step you can take in that direction to integrate it into your life today?

Key Timestamps

  • 00:30 What I mean when I talk about “Land Consciousness”

  • 03:40 Opening Sacred Space.

  • 04:50 The severing of our connection to the earth.

  • 06:05 What happens when you consciously connect with the earth?

  • 06:50 Lands ability to hold memory and experience.

  • 08:20 Attuning to the consciousness of the land.

  • 08:50 The practice of “being walked by the land” with nomadic ancestors.

  • 11:55 Soul inquiry

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