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What you need to know and what you can embrace.

I am joined today by the amazing Aliza Kelly. Aliza is a real rising star in the world of astrology. After meeting her last year for a peer into the themes for 2023, I knew I had to invite her to share her insights for 2024 with all of my Returners. This episode explores what the year ahead has in store for you as we tune in to what our souls are calling us to do and embrace in this coming year. I loved how Aliza was able to go really deep on the big questions and mysteries of life, while still sharing next year’s astrology in a really accessible and relatable way. I hope you enjoy.

If you would like to keep visioning with me, my Annual Visioning Process + Workbook has just been released. Step into a sacred container with me to get clear on what your soul’s deepest prayers are for the year ahead and create a grounded plan to embody it throughout the year.

“The advice that I would offer is to allow that change to start to arrive organically. Even if it’s just the awareness of what I wanted I actually didn’t really want or I wanted it for the wrong reasons. That is a breakthrough in and of itself.”

— Aliza Kelly

Key Timestamps

  • 02:24 2024 is going to be a radically different year.

  • 03:00 2023 was the year of beginnings.

  • 03:56 Moments will be amplified in 2024 but there will be less surprises.

  • 05:18 Reflecting on the themes of 2023 to step fully into 2024.

  • 07:58 Collective changes and experiences for 2024.

  • 08:35 The fever pitch moment asking what have you learned?

  • 12:51 Getting curious about what's going on in the world around us.

  • 16:29 The mutable energy of 2024 and evoking passions.

  • 19:24 The retrograde that’s going to slow us down.

  • 21:49 Shifting our focus to the changemakers.

  • 26:30 The year of breakthrough, information and patience.

  • 27:11 The thinking that will support us into this new year.

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