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Are you ready to make 2024 the year that you live the life you truly want to live?

Tune into your deepest desires and soul calling for 2024 - then get your mind and body to work manifesting them.

What you’re being called to do versus who the world or other people would like you to be is available in this sacred container. It has been built for you to move beyond to-do lists and unmet “new year resolutions” by instead capturing the whispers of your soul and creating a steady, grounded vision and plan to bring them into your everyday life.

It begins by re-gathering your energy through honouring the necessary endings of the past (both in celebration and release) so you may make room for your future.

You will also receive accountability coaching all through 2024!


It has become a family tradition to sit with my husband and children and go through the end of the year workbook together. Even our children benefit from reflecting on what they learned during their year and what they want for the following year.

– Coral Scarlet Newberry

What I like best about the workbook is that it helped me reflect in-depth and connect to what I wanted to leave and what I wanted to bring forward.

– Beth Miller Hill


Join over 10,000 people who have used this process to vision their heart's deepest prayer and then make it happen.    

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What's included:

For $40 USD you get all this...

The Workbook

A beautiful and inspiring 50 page digital interactive workbook delivered instantly so you can start the process immediately - no waiting for shipping or delivery cost!

The Golden Thread Meditation

Tap into your highest destiny with the Golden Thread Meditation - video (with captions) and MP3.

Your Heart's Deepest Prayer Meditation

Unlock your soul's truest yearnings with this inspiring meditation - video (with captions) and MP3.


Interactive fillable soul inquiry processes to help you tap into your intuition and get clear on: - Discovering Your Soul’s Deepest Prayer, Completing The Year That Was and Visioning The Year Ahead.


Release the year that was with a powerful end of year ritual. Dream into what is rising within you with the activating new year ritual.

Guided altar work

Anchor and embody your visions with altar work.

Visioning video class

Be guided every step of the way through a fully immersive experience.


Tune into the whispers of your soul and receive guidance on the year ahead in this 11 card oracle reading.

Instant access, start visioning now!

Start Visioning: $39.99 USD

.....Loved by over 10,000 all over the world!

  • A held container and process over 10,000 people have done on their own or shared with loved ones
  • Space to honour the journey, initiations, changes, and accomplishments that you've been through the year before
  • A tried, tested, and effective yearly visioning process you can repeat for the rest of your life

The Visioning Process and Workbook focused on baby steps and on how we want to feel in the year rather than focus on one goal, so it sets a reminder for me to commit to that grounded action through the year.

– Yenny White

The visioning workbook helped me to learn from the past year and move forward into the next year with hope and vision. I think last year was a year that could “make or break" you. The workbook focused on what the past year taught us so that we could step into the next empowered rather than defeated.

– Tammy Chance

I loved the visioning workbook as a way to really honour the past year consciously, and reflect on its lessons, what is to be left behind and what wants to be brought forward. It is a sacred ritual that connected me deeply to my heart's deepest prayers, and helped me hone in on my focus for the year ahead, and really get conscious of how I want to co create my life with Spirit.

– Georgia Darell

A container to drop into the essence of what you’re really yearning for in life.

Living in a culture where the sacred isn't really deeply woven in, you’re here because you’re looking for ways to bring it back in. This visioning process incorporates different spiritual practices and tools to be able to release energy, tune into the core of your intuition (the deepest desires of your heart), and then turn it into action.

Get super clear what grounded action you are being called to take for a soul-led life.

It doesn’t matter which grounded action you choose. Whether you protest, paint, love, or activate. Whether you write, declutter, dance, or speak. Whether you run, swim, support, sing, or create – all that matters is that you do something. By getting clear what your deepest yearnings are through this spiritual, energetic, and practical process - you align mind, body, and soul so you take aligned action in the times ahead.

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Yearly Visioning Process with Rebecca Campbell

Start Visioning $39.99 USD

The end of the year workbook has been a tradition for many years. As I take time to reflect on the past year through the workbook I’m able to close the energy of the old year and usher in the new. There is a marked difference in how smoothly my year goes when I do our end of year work book.

– Coral Scarlet Newberry

A wonderful tool to reflect on the year that was and start to create in my mind and soul the year to come. Infused with love and gratitude.

– An Sneyers

Visioning with Rebecca

Loved by 10000+ people!

Start Visioning $39.99 USD

About the Author

Rebecca Campbell is a world renowned writer, mystic, ritualist and creative. A bestselling author, her books and oracle decks are published in 18 languages. Rebecca believes that we are nature, and all of her creations are in devotion to the beauty of nature, inspiring people to connect with the wisdom within and weaving the sacred back into everyday life.

More about Rebecca

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