My creative muse

The rose first came to me in a way that I consciously understood in 2010, during a time of deep change and a dark night of the soul. Before long I’d found my way to Queen Mary’s Rose Garden in London’s Regent’s Park and that’s when the rose really began to do Her work. The rose garden there contains the city’s largest collection of roses, with 85 varieties and approximately 12,000 blooms.

I found that when I was near the roses, I could hear the ‘whispers’ of my inner voice, my soul, so much more clearly. The more time I spent with the roses the more connected with my body and soul I became and the more connected and attuned with my own true nature I felt.

Soon, poetry and writing came flooding through me, and I found myself writing my first book. I remember the moment I finished the final chapter – I was sitting on a park bench under a canopy of roses. I looked around the garden and began to cry, realising that I’d written the entire book there with the roses. They were my gateway to planting myself more fully here, and at the same time it was as if a whole other world had opened up, like the sacred had woven the two worlds (of soul and heaven, and the physical Earth, my body) back together.

rebecca campbell

I believe that the roses have wisdom and messages for many of us, and that beauty is a gateway to the soul, and so by connecting with the beauty of the rose it invites our soul to step forward and helps us to live a soul-led life.

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