Letting go and creating space


So far this year has been teaching me of the importance of creating and making space in so many ways. Of putting on the handbrake rather than running from one thing to the next. Of trusting the timing of my life.

I have a tendency towards sentimentality and holding onto things that I might one day need. This past weekend, I did something that was so freeing. I finally went through 60+ books filled with over 10 years of affirmations, goals, journal entries, intuitive writing, to-do lists and creative ideas. It was such a cathartic experience and one I’ve been putting off for so long! To be honest I never really knew what to do with these books that were filled with so many deep yearnings and secrets of my soul. Of my process. I have lugged them from house to house, the stack growing bigger and bigger with each new move.

This past weekend I knew I was ready to release them and on the full moon I decided to create a fire and offer them to the flames. As the pages burned ceremoniously I felt a simple, gentle release of the extremes of my life that I had poured onto them. I felt such compassion for my younger self, her tremendous dedication, her great dreams, her sorrow, her daring, her loneliness and her sincerity. It made me see how much she has created and how much she has allowed.

I think that is the true gift of creating space. We get to zoom out and gain a deeper perspective of our lives. To join the dots and realise that so often life doesn’t work out how we thought it might, but there’s always a thread that is woven through it all. Through the blinding highs and the darkest depths.

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