How to survive as an empath in the city

Living as an empath in the big smoke can be pretty tough. Here are some of my tried and tested tips on how to survive as an empath in the city, so you can stay grounded and rejuvenated while keeping your heart open.

1. Find a park, mountain, lake or some ocean

This is a biggy. Nature is an instant grounding tool. If you live in a city like London you are blessed with amaaaaaaaaazing parks (Regent’s Park is my all time fave, I wrote all of my book Light Is The New Black in the rose garden there!). But if you can’t find one nearby, don’t fret, a simple patch of earth or grass is all you need. Simply take off your shoes and feel the support of the earth underneath you.


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2. Epsom salt baths

Soak your body and your spirit in a hot bath filled with Epsom salt. You can grab it in bulk online or from your local independent pharmacy. Sprinkle a cup in with your favourite essential oils to clear out your energetic field.

epsom salt baths

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3. Meditate

The best form of meditation I know is Light Bathing, because it allows you to put yourself into receiving mode (as an empath you’re likely to be a giver but in order to give you have to be filled up first). Light Bathing connects you to the unlimited energy and light of the Universe – who doesn’t want a piece of that! Download the Light Bathing Meditation for free here.


4. Follow what lights you up

The way that you will light up the world without even trying is by doing the things that light you up. If you love singing, belt out a tune; if you love dancing, give me a high kick; if you love going to exotic restaurants, get your foodie on. The amazing thing about living in a big city is that there are endless options to do that thing that you love, commit to doing one of them this week.

follow what lights you up

5. Spend time on your own

Empaths need time alone each day to regenerate their energy, especially if they have spent 8 hours in an open plan office! When I was working in advertising I found that if I took 20 minutes each day as soon as I got home I was a MUCH nicer person to be around!

spend time on your own

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6. Airplane mode

Switch off the technology at night by putting your phone on airplane mode. Sleep is the best meditation we can give ourselves, don’t disturb it with your phone. Whatever it is, it can wait until morning.

airplane mode

7. Grow something

Bring nature to you by planting something in your yard, getting a pot plant or buying yourself flowers. This daily connection with nature is wonderful to fill you up and keep you grounded.

grow something

8. Hang out with your soul

Find time each month to hang out with your soul. As an empath it’s often hard to differentiate between what you are picking up from other people and what your soul is calling you to do. Journalling or gathering with like minded people at a supportive spiritual circle or event focussed spiritual connection does wonders for reconnecting with the voice of your soul and nurturing your spirit.

hang out with your soul

9. Aura soma

I am a huge fan of aura soma. A fusion of colour, plant and crystal therapy in one small bottle. In a nut shell, you pick the bottle which resonates with you to help you balance your energy.


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10. Play mantras

Listen to devotional mantras or high vibrational music throughout your day (my favourite artists are Gurunam Singh and Krishna Das). These mantras soothe the spirit and evoke protection.

play mantras

11. Avoid soul-draining conversations

Stay away from people that drain your energy with drama. This might also include avoiding trashy mags or watching the news.


12. Deep breaths

The fast pace and smog of the city can cause us to breathe shallowly, especially empaths who are more sensitive than others. Take a moment right now to reset your breathing by breathing deep into the corners of your entire belly.

deep breaths

13. Get away

Living in the city is so much better when you manage to take a trip away now and then. Whether it’s to the country, the ocean or mountains, plan a little escape every 3-6 months and let the negative ions of nature do their thing.

get away


14. Try the Earthing Meditation (Grounding for Empaths)

This grounding guided meditation will connect you with the healing frequency of Mother Earth. It is a wonderful support for empaths and perfect for grounding yourself or for when you just need an extra bit of nurturing.



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