Glastonbury Pilgrimage Retreat

Glastonbury Retreat fire ceremony

Last week was our fourth Rise Sister Rise Membership Sacred Glastonbury Pilgrimage and I am feeling just so grateful to the land for all of the blessings and holdings she gave. Being pregnant I found a new level of allowing of the Great Mother on this retreat and was humbled by the magic that unfolded. The theme for this week revealed itself as SACRED WATERS. As well as the sacred site connection and soul practices, on this retreat we experienced foraging in the ancient Selwood Forest, led by indigenous land guide Tasha Stevens-Vallecillo and spiritual ecologist and labyrinth creator Mark Willenbruch. Every time I lead these yearly pilgrimages I learn so much, and this year was no different.

We will be doing more Rise Sister Rise Membership Sacred Pilgrimage Retreats in the future. You can check out our upcoming events and retreats here and join the waitlist to be notified about future retreat dates here.

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