Inner Guidance Podcast

Rebecca Campbell meditation

Rebecca Campbell meditation

Yesterday I had a great conversation with Connie Chapman of Awaken Radio about one of my all time favourite topics: Inner Guidance (I’ve embedded the free interview for your ears below).

Grab the MP3 here and download to listen while you walk, clean or pretend to work.

I wholeheartedly believe that everyone is intuitive but just like any muscle in your body, the more you listen to your intuition and act on it, the stronger it will get (and the easier trusting it will become).

We all have within us an inner guidance system that is way more wiser than our mind could ever be. Your inner guru, a gut feel, your heart’s yearning, that little voice inside you, a niggling feeling, ‘I can feel it in my waters’, your spirit, your soul, the wise woman within… WHATEVER you call it, it always knows best.

A burning in your belly, a niggling, a feeling of just knowing. Everyone on the planet receives intuitive guidance. Acting on it is what makes all the difference. Acting on it takes courage and trust because intuition doesn’t always make logical sense. I often say: If it doesn’t make sense, you know it’s your intuition speaking. It can be scary to trust your intuition at first, but it’s better than receiving the guidance, not acting on it and then days, weeks, months later kicking yourself saying “Damn it, I KNEW that!”

Enjoy the podcast and may you find the courage to go within and follow your inner guidance today. It will never fail you.