Rebecca Campbell_Child of the earth and the stars


Precious child of the Earth and the Stars.

Spirit Earthed in a rare moment in time.

Your soul went through a lot to be here.


Precious child of the Earth and the Stars

Nourished by your Mother, great birther of us all.

Protected by your Father, keeper of the stars.

Washed by your Grandmother, mover of the tides.

Warmed by your Grandfather, the one who lights up the sky.


Precious child of the Earth and the Stars

Cradled each day in the arms of your Mother.

Uplifted by the limitless vision of your Father.

Held in the nightly luminance of your Grandmother.


Warmed each morn by the unchanging rising of your Grandfather.


Wandering soul of many homes.


Forever dancing between forgetting and remembering.

Ever changing ever changing ever changing.


Seeded, planted here for but a breath in the

tapestry of what humanity calls time.


From page 37 of Letters to a Starseed by Rebecca Campbell 



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