Session 1 starts on April 5th!

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You are all set for the Oracle Card Reading Challenge!

This special 3-Part Oracle Card Reading Experience is designed to help you feel confident in reading oracle cards.

You will get the most out of this experience if you have an oracle deck to work with alongside me, it can be any oracle deck!

Take a moment to add the Oracle Card Reading Challenge to your diary now and watch out for an email from me on day 1!

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As a thank you for joining, here is a special offer for 25% off my personalised two-card oracle readings. These are sent to you in the post to your home from me in Glastonbury!




What an incredible experience! To receive an oracle reading directly from Rebecca Campbell into my mailbox across the globe is nothing short of magical. In a time when we rarely receive actual mail from anyone, this experience is a balm to the soul. The handwritten gold-embossed envelope alone feels so ridiculously sweet. And then, to open it, hold the cards, and feel the deep intentionality and attunement to my life and current circumstances… I can’t recommend this experience enough to anyone who resonates with Rebecca’s work. I’m in love and can’t wait to receive next month’s card pull.

– Sara Yamtich

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a two-card oracle reading with the incredible Rebecca Campbell, pulled remotely all the way from Glastonbury. As soon as I received the envelope containing the cards, I could feel her energy radiating from it. When I opened the envelope and saw the beautiful cards, I was immediately struck by their exquisite beauty and the powerful energy they contained. The two cards Rebecca had selected were simply stunning, each one capturing the essence of my current situation in a unique and powerful way. As I read through the insights and guidance provided in the reading, I was amazed at how accurate and insightful they were. Rebecca's intuitive abilities are truly remarkable, and she was able to tap into the energy of the cards in a way that felt deeply personal and meaningful.

– Lisa Travis

This reading made me so happy when it arrived yesterday. I truly resonate with the cards and I will keep exploring my inner world.


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