be gentle with eachother

Be gentle with eachother

Being human is a great initiation for the soul. Be gentle with eachother. These times. These changing times. These times between time. We are each doing our best to heal not just our personal karmic wounds but also ancestral and collective ones too. When you get triggered remember that you…

That is not God

To anyone who feels excluded by God, THAT IS NOT GOD. To anyone who has been made to feel unholy, THAT IS NOT HOLY. Thousands of years ago the Bhakti Kirtan movement began when the Indian poet saints gathered the lower caste people in villages around India (who were not…

time is not running out

Time is not running out

Like so many I’ve spent the past year or so focusing on healing my nervous system. And it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done! I remember a few years back when I realised that my ability to endure, push through and react to urgency had been my superpower….

rose rebecca campbell

The more personal it feels

The more personal it feels, the more universal it actually is. We are all innocent children looking to be seen, understood and cherished. With wounds and traumas no matter what life has dealt. Souls doing their best to be embodied. Deeply longing to belong.

you are not intuitive, your body is

The intuitive body

My body, your body, our bodies are intuitive beyond fathomable measure. In fact, without them, we are not intuitive at all. Your clairvoyance is your body. Your clairsentience is your body, Your claircogniziance is your body. Your gut instinct is your body. Your ability to hear the whispers, is your body….

you can't buy devotion

You can’t buy devotion

You can’t buy devotion. Devotion can only be gathered by showing up over and over again with intention. In the Age of Light devotion is everything. What are you showing up to with devotion every day? As a leader of this new age your devotion is what will be felt….

ask the part of you that knows

Ask the part of you that knows

There’s a part of you that knows the answer to everything you seek. Your path and your purpose, which direction to move and exactly when to leap. Before you incarnated, it received a mandate from spirit, upon hearing this request this part of you jumped right on in and couldn’t…

What’s falling away?

What is falling away? What is wanting to uproot? What part of you is becoming harder to tie down? What is becoming less and less important? How is Life trying to change you? What is ready to move on? What is moving away from you? What is draining you to…

no one is immune to life's pleasure's and pains

No one is immune to life’s pleasures and pains

No one is immune to life’s pleasures and pains. Earth is a planet of polarity and sometimes being human is HARD! The pleasures stretch our heart and the pains do exactly the same thing. We are here to grow through the pleasures and the pains. We cannot use spirituality to…

who lights you up?


There are two different types of people: those who get their energy from others, and those who replenish their energy by spending time on their own (drawing it from source). Most lightworkers fit into the latter category. (Which is why developing a daily practice where you connect with source is…

buy yourself flowers

Buy yourself flowers

Don’t wait for someone else to give you what you need. Go give it to yourself. Fill up your well. It is only when we are filled up that we can spill over and truly share our love with another. You are no use to someone when you are running on…

follow what lights you up

Follow what lights you up

When you follow what lights you up and lose yourself in the doing two things happen: 1. You turn on your inner light (i.e. your soul and spirit is activated) 2. You light up the world in a way that only you can (because what lights you up will be completely different to what…

the best bit comes after the worst bit

The best bit comes after the worst bit

The best bit comes just after the worst bit. If you are being stretched right now, think of it as training, heart stretching training. For when the wheel of fortune comes spinning around (it can’t not) your heart’s capacity to hold and appreciate it all will be that much greater…

just say yes

Just say YES

When we answer the whisper of our soul we say YES to the Universe, when we say YES to the Universe we automatically slip into the mysterious flow of Life. If your soul is whispering (hint: it always is), my wish for you is that you will find a way…

what is rising in you

What is rising in you?

What is rising in you? What is bubbling to come out? What is ready to overspill, to overflow, to come flowing out? What is ready to be born? What is bursting to emerge? What is impatiently tugging, nagging, and bursting to come through you? Whether you like it or not,…