Anything inauthentic can no longer survive

anything inauthentic can no longer survive

anything inauthentic can no longer survive

Anything inauthentic can no longer survive. Anything that is not in alignment with who we truly are is proving harder and harder to hold onto. Rugs are being pulled. Foundations are crumbling. Sometimes, the tower must fall.

It’s as if the Universe is trying with all its mite to get our attention. To wake us up. To urge us to build our lives on the unshakable foundations of who we truly are and who we came here to be.

Finding the courage to let go of the life that we have consciously created is scary. It’s why not everyone does it. And why it’s so common to do all we can to ignore the whisper.

And so that whisper gets louder and The Universe just keeps turning up the heat until it gets so hot that we finally beg for mercy.

Creating a life based on who we truly are is not always easy. It requires a letting go often without having something or someone to take its place. It’s why not everyone does it.

(But you’re not everyone.)

When we somehow manage to let go of control and build a life on who we truly are, life begins to flow. It’s like floating downstream or walking on a travelator at the airport… We discover that the only way to find ourselves in a life that lights us up is to actually follow the invisible trail of what lights us up and to do it over and over again. We discover that this whole time The Universe has been doing everything it could to get our attention and that it will do whatever it can to support our rising and our lighting up. It’s only right that The Universe support us in this way, for when we are lit up, we automatically light up the world.

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  • Jim

    So this energy, this shift, is like a Universal or Pachamama paradigm shift? So many people are senseing this? For what you have just written has resonated totally with me, especially in the last 3 months. Although in terms of increased energy, personal growth and change, I would say that there was a definite peak on or around the 12 March? Does this resonate?

  • Beautifully said, Rebecca!

  • Rachel Nguyen

    This is exactly how it feels! The universe is stripping and shifting everything that isn’t True or Soul from me! The heat is turning up! The Light is getting brighter! GAH!!!

  • <3 Thanks babe!

  • Hi Jim, what I believe is that we are entering a new time in history where we are being called to be authentically ourselves. When we embrace our authenticity and let go of the things that are not in alignment we move back into flow with The Universe and life supports us. I believe that when we are living in alignment of who we truly are and share our unique voice and gifts we effortlessly harmonise the planet. I’m not sure about the exact astrological stuff that is happening at the moment with detail but do feel that it is all shaking things up to bring us into a new era… I call it the Age of Light 🙂

  • Woo hoo @disqus_YUId46XBTu:disqus embrace it! And remember, if you’re ever uncomfortable, you’re definitely learning 🙂 xxx

  • Rachel Nguyen

    “And so that whisper gets louder and The Universe just keeps turning up the heat until it gets so hot that we finally beg for mercy.” LITERALLY I felt my ego begging for mercy the last couple weeks! <3 Thank you lovely <3

  • Cyndi Toschik

    So I’ve let go and created space… I’m excited and nervous because the joy and lightness are being felt. I’m calling in clarity now…I have no other plans but to say “YES” and go into action when my soul says “Light it up!”
    Rebecca, I read the download portion of your beautiful book and I was amazed that your words literally matched what I’ve written in my journal. I even wrote the name of my first book will be; “It’s always been there” and used the phrase “Rise in Love” for Love only Lifts. Synchronicity! Thank you! =)
    If you ever come or would like a connection in AZ… Sedona perhaps… it would be a joy~
    Love, Cyndi (Angeline)

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