Whispers of Mother Earth

Creativity. Ideas. Inspiration. Artist. Writer. Channel.

There are creations seeded within you – planted before your birth. There are unborn possibilities yearning to be woven and creative solutions waiting to be realized, songs of the ancient Earth humming through you, beckoning to be sung, new consciousness that longs to be written into matter.

Surrender to the creations whispering you forth. Perhaps they’re calling you to reweave the web of Life in some small way. To stitch the soul in a little more. We came bearing keys for each other, and as you share your song it unlocks something in someone else.

Card of the day from The Rose Oracle

Creativity and intuition come from the same sacred place; they can’t be reproduced. They occur when we find ourselves flowing with the rest of Life. Earth is a planet of creativity and yet so many of us have forgotten how to truly create. So much of humanity has been raised to consume – we’re so focused on more, more, more that we’ve forgotten how to grow sustainably. Our consumption is killing us.

Trust the seeds that have been planted within you. Somewhere along the way we stopped seeing ourselves as artists, creatives, poets, singers…. Yet to be human is to be creative. It doesn’t matter what the result may be, just carve out time to express your soul through your creativity. The seeds planted within you will show you the way. They have intelligence within them and all you need to do is tend them through daily grounded, creative action.

Soul Inquiry:

What does your soul most yearn to create? 

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