What is your soul flower?

peony rose rebecca campbell

peony rose rebecca campbell


What is your soul flower?  Flowers are teachers bringing in wisdom from other realms. They have healed me more than anything and are available to do the same for you.  I believe we each have a particular flower than informs our soul. And through connecting with that flower it heals us, impresses upon us and reminds us of our own true divine nature.  

In London the peony roses are just starting to come. Anyone who has heard me speak knows of my obsession with this flower. This flower who starts so tight like a bud for so long and little by little courageously opens revealing the most exquisite beauty and such tissue thin fragile petals to the world around her. And just when you think she could possibly not open anymore she opens and opens and opens and opens. She knows her time. And even though she may be more comfortable in her green state, when the time is right she surrenders to the intelligent force within her and takes up space.  

My second favourite flower is the gift pink to peach rose. Much softer and gentler. Sweeter and pure hearted while still having the grit of the earth. It’s still to early for them. I’m patiently waiting for their time.

What is your soul flower? And what message does she have for you?

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