The Wild Rose

the wild rose

Do it your way. Embrace your uniqueness. Untamed.

If someone says that you’re not normal, say thank you. If someone says that what you’re doing isn’t normal, say naturally. The wild rose knows that no one rose is the same as another. She doesn’t try to bloom in a neat row according to a schedule. She doesn’t open and close according to who walks by. She trusts Her timing and She blooms with wild abandon. She’s resilient. She knows who She is.

The wild rose knows Her true, unique nature and She wants you to remember yours too. She knows that what makes you wild makes you free. That it’s what’s kept us contained that’s causing us harm. That our diverse, unique nature is what’s needed now, more than ever.

the rose oracle

Card of the week from The Rose Oracle

This card comes with an invitation to do what would make you feel most free. To trust in the very thing that makes you stand out. To realize that you were never meant to fit in. You were never meant to grow in a perfect, cultivated way. You were never meant to bloom in unison with someone else. You were never meant to be captive or controlled.

Nature is full of diversity. It’s imperative to its survival. And it is to ours too. So be who you came here to be. Express what you came here to express. Sing the song that you came here to sing. Together, the wild ones will be the ones who set us all free.

Rose Transmission:

I free myself of what keeps me captive.
I allow the unique wildness within me to be free.

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