The Thorn

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Protection. Boundaries. Clear communication.  

The rose is the queen of all flowers. Her soft and often fragrant bloom takes our breath away from near and far. A bridge between heaven and Earth, She has the capacity to act as a portal to our true selves and call our soul more fully into our body. She leaves us in awe, allowing us to experience heaven on Earth for a very precious moment.

But the rose is not all gentle and soft. In fact, most roses are armored with spiky thorns and prickles of various shapes and sizes. These sharp protectors act like knights defending their queen, clearly setting the necessary boundary and conditions for Her to do what She was born to do.

the rose oracle, the thorn

Card of the day from The Rose Oracle

We too are like the rose. So often we don’t get taught how important clear communication and loving boundaries are to our relationships. When we’re not clear on our needs – when we don’t communicate them, when we don’t take responsibility for them – it’s impossible for others to give us what we need. This often results in a breakdown in the relationship.

Communicating our needs and establishing our boundaries allows not just us to feel safe, but those we’re in a relationship with to feel safe too. This card delivers the message of the importance of clear communication, boundaries, and taking responsibility for our needs. To be clear with others, we must first be clear with ourselves. And then communicate this to our loved ones and the world.

Soul Inquiry:

What loving boundaries are you being called to establish? 

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