The Starseed Oracle is here!

starseed oracle rebecca campbell

I am so excited to be able to say that The Starseed Oracle is finally here! ✨✨✨

starseed oracle

The creative process Danielle and I went through while creating this deck was a very special and sacred one. When we first met we felt an instant Starseed connection between us, and after working together on the Work Your Light Oracle it became clear that we were being called to create an oracle for Starseeds. We’ve since meditated together, traveled to sacred temples, remembering and recalling lost Starseed wisdom of the long ago ancients.

As we were creating the card artwork, we came together in meditation to envision each card. It was such a special creative process. Our intention when creating this oracle was that the cards would hold a transmission of energy, both individually and as a whole. The entire oracle has been crafted with deep devotion and attention to detail – that’s what happens when two creatives come together with Virgo in their astrological charts!

We are also sharing a special bundle of free gifts that we put together to support Starseed souls; you can get them here.

I am so looking forward to hearing your experience with these cards and discovering what portals they open up for you. May they support you to reconnect to your cosmic origins and remember who you truly are.

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