The Second Bloom

A second chance. It’s never too late. New possibilities.

This is a card of second chances, new beginnings, regeneration, and reinventing yourself. It’s never too late to surrender to what’s blooming within you. All that matters is that you surrender to the buds that are longing to grow and be known. No matter your age or what may have previously occurred, this card is an invitation to surrender to a second bloom. To welcome the new and share it with the world. To acknowledge the secret passions, longings, creations, and yearnings and let them bud and bloom.

If we properly allow things to end, new beginnings will always come. If we surrender to the cycles of Life, after winter, spring will always return. If we tend the seeds in the fertile earth, they’ll eventually emerge.


Card of the day from The Rose Oracle

Just as we think the season’s over and winter’s drawing near, some roses bless us with an unexpected second bloom. If this card appears in a spread, it’s a likely sign that you too are set for a second bloom. Perhaps you have a creation that’s waiting to be brought forth. Or maybe it’s a new relationship or passion in your life. Maybe what’s waiting to be born is a new version of you.

The more open we are to change the more open we are to Life. The more open we are to Life the more open we are to being born again anew. Yes, this is what it means to truly live. Being open to saying yes to life – so when you eventually take your last breath, you’ll do so while still fully living.

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