The Sacred Waters

 the sacred waters, the rose oracle

Nourishment. Replenishment. Health. Rest. Self-care.

The sacred waters are the life-giving Mother of Us All. Her healing waters replenish us and give us Life. We’re made up of Her. Like the rose, we need Her waters to survive and thrive.

We must drop our roots deep to receive the nourishment we so deeply need. To appreciate, protect, and honor the very thing that we take for granted. The Mother of the Sacred Waters delivers the message to slow down and take care of yourself, particularly your body. To prioritize your well-being and live in a way that’s sustainable. She reminds us to replenish and nourish ourselves and take care of our health all the time, not just when we feel unbalanced.

sacred waters, the rose oracle

Card of the day from The Rose Oracle

You’re being called to nourish and replenish yourself before you become brittle and parched. The Mother of the Sacred Waters wants you to know that there’s nothing more important in your life than the care of your own sacred vessel of a body, and the Earth is an extension of that. She wants you to treat yourself with tender care. To cherish your body and Hers. To fill your well until it spills over, and once it does, to find a way to give back from this place of plenty. To give your body what it’s yearning for most before it turns into an urgent need.

Soul Inquiry:

What’s your body yearning for?  

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