The Rose Garden

Innocence. Forgiveness. Be gentle with yourself.

You’re holy and whole. You’re innocent and innately good. You’re wholly welcome here. You never got kicked out of the garden. None of us did. This card delivers a message of welcomeness. Of returning to our innocence.

If you feel as if you’ve done something wrong without knowing what you’ve done, if you feel ashamed about hurting someone, if you’re finding it hard to forgive yourself, this card is gently calling you to release any shame, judgement, or bad feelings. To do what you need to do to let go and make amends. To remember that you’re human. And as a human you’re here to learn and grow. And so is everyone else.

Card of the day from The Rose Oracle

You’re not broken. You never were. You’re a work in progress. We all are. You’re learning and unlearning. We all are. Be gentle with yourself and in turn be gentle with others. Return to your humanity. Your humanness. Remember that you were never perfect and being human isn’t about perfection. Grow and learn – but do it softly. You have goodness in you. Remember that. Cherish that. And cherish that in others too.

We’re all doing the best we can. When we learn, we can choose to do something new. Commit to learning and doing better each and every day. This is what it means to be human. To embrace our humanness. Without it we deny the shadow, and it’s through facing the shadow without defense that we can learn and grow. Embrace your humanity and you’ll find it easier to embrace others and the whole world.

Soul Inquiry:

How can you be more gentle with yourself?

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