The Lineage of the Rose

 Moved by the Goddess. Here for this. Soul call. Gather.

These times, these changing, divisive times – your soul chose to be here right now for this. You’re part of a collective team led by the Goddess, by the Mother of Us All to reweave the thread of the rose back into the tapestry of humanity. To make spaces where all people feel cherished and safe. To heal and be healed from the destructive patterns of patriarchy. To be part of the return of the Goddess to the Earth.

If you’ve been doubting your path, you’re being called to look within and trust the whispers and weavings from caverns deep. The way of the mystic rose is walked by few, and known by heart not mind. Try not to overthink; rather, trust the threads that are woven deep.


Card of the day from The Rose Oracle

Living and dying with your heart open is truly a courageous act, as a life well lived is full of losses and tragedies as well as great love, triumphs, and adventures. When we’re going This card contains within it a confirmation of the inner call and a reassurance that you’re not alone in it. The Mother of Us All thanks you for being part of these changing times for humanity. She acknowledges your devotion to doing your best to support yourself and others in the journey back home – to themselves, to each other, and to the Earth. She wants you to know that She is available to guide you every step of the way. Speak, sing, and dance with her. You are led. You are led. You are led.

Soul Inquiry

How are you being called to commit more deeply to humanity and the Earth?

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