The Holy Grail

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Stop the endless searching. Inner quest.

The Holy Grail is a mysterious, long-sought relic about which stories have been told through the ages. Some believe it holds the key to eternal life and divine union. Many devote their lives to discovering and possessing it. It features in the legends of King Arthur; the knight Galahad achieved the vision of God through the Grail.

In Christian mysticism the Grail is the cup used by Jesus at the Last Supper and afterward by Joseph of Arimathea to catch blood at the Crucifixion. It was taken to the isle of Avalon and buried on Chalice Hill (Glastonbury, UK), which turned the Chalice Well waters red. Pilgrims travel from all corners of the world today to drink from these healing waters. Some believe the Grail legend pre‐dates Christ and was inspired by the wells and cauldrons of Welsh and Celtic mythology.


Card of the day from The Rose Oracle

The Holy Grail is the ultimate spiritual quest. Many see quests as physical places to journey to, conquer, or find, but perhaps the Grail is an invitation to go inward. To connect with the grace within to find it without. To realize that this journey of drinking from the eternal well is to find it deep within as the part of us that cannot be extinguished.

Perhaps this is why the rose is a symbol that goes with the Grail. Her petals calling us to spiral in. For it’s there that we find the nectar of all that we’ve searched for patiently waiting for us to return to it. Stop looking without, stop the endless searching, turn your gaze within.

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