The Grandmothers


Remember your roots. Perspective. Trust the weavings.

The rose was here long before you and me, and long before humanity itself. She holds within Her the rememberings of civilizations past, roots that reach back for millions of years and hold the codes of creation. They carry with them the songs of the ancient Grandmothers of the Earth. Can you hear their song?

When this card appears in a spread it’s an invitation to reach all the way back to go forward, to reach your roots deep to soar high. The ancient Grandmothers are calling for you to remember the wisdom of your ancestry, long before colonialism severed so much that’s sacred; before the rise and fall of empires and entire civilizations, all the way back to the origins of humanity.

Card of the day from The Rose Oracle

They’re calling you to play your part in this time of healing. To heal and integrate what you’ve inherited in your ancestral line. It’s not personal; these are changing, healing times that we came here for. To reconnect and reach all the way back to the Original Mother, and to see our role as the ancestors of those who are yet to come. To remain grounded and rooted in your life so that no matter how rocky things get, you always know that you are home.

Rose Transmission:

I reach my roots all the way back to go forward. I call upon the sacred strength and support of my ancestors who did not forget, to be with me now.

I acknowledge the difficulties and what’s coming up to be healed. And I do so for all who are yet to come.

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