The Breathing Rose


Heart Healing. Emotions. Connection. Time eases.

Often, healing is a slow, steady process. It’s complex, not linear. It takes as long as it takes. And most of the time that’s much longer than we’d wish. But, like all things in nature, there’s a mysterious intelligence to it. And if we trust it and let the vibrant petals fall to the earth, cut back what’s no longer, and protect the new shoots and buds from being pried open, we may find ourselves in a second bloom. And fruit will follow.

You can’t manufacture that. We must trust the great mystery in the process.

The bud somehow manages to burst through the constraints by opening to life. All of nature has this intelligence within it. The challenge when we’re going through a time of healing – which is another word for growth, transformation, change – is not to close ourselves off from the world when we most want to separate and shut down. To somehow find the courage to open through the agony, the difficulty, and the hurt. And when we feel safe enough, to let Life soften us not harden us, to deepen and cradle us.


Card of the day from The Rose Oracle

This is a card of deep heart healing. It will often come to us as a symbol of emotional healing that’s in the process of happening. The mending’s underway. Treat yourself and your healing with compassion, understanding, and gentleness. This is a card of deep encouragement that you’re doing it. Time will ease everything soon.

Soul Inquiry

 How can you treat yourself with gentle compassion and softness? How can you trust the timing of your healing?

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