Rebecca Campbell opening soul space

Throughout all of my work and creations, my aim is to give you an experience of your own soul – to connect you to this greater part of yourself so you can receive guidance and creative ideas from within and embody every bit of who you came here to be.

I believe that by connecting with and expressing who we are at soul level we fall into flow with the rest of the universe and in our own unique way, help to harmonise the planet a little bit more. I recorded a video about a concept that I begin each of my workshops with. It’s also a really important part of my intuitive and creative processes and I wanted to share it with you because it really changed the way I live my life. That is the concept of stepping into soul time.

The ancient Greeks spoke of two different types of time: Kairos time and Chronos time. Chronos time is linear time – time that can be measured in seconds, minutes, hours and years. It’s the type of time that is required to arrive at an appointment on time, meet a deadline or catch a bus.

Kairos time is soul time.

It is the place where all healing happens, where all intuition resides, where all serendipity happens and where all creative ideas come to you whole.

In the above video, I share a short meditation to help you step into Kairos time and have an experience of your own soul right away. I hope you enjoy it!      

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