Something I have been thinking about for a while now

In 2016 I entered into a phase of my awakening that I have come to describe as “the descent”. Stories of Inanna kept me warm in the cloak of winter. And even though I had been endeavouring to align my life to my soul for many years, I began to see the compartmentalisation of my life and perhaps generally our modern world.

And it got me wondering…

What if it’s our disconnection from the earth that makes us feel like orphans? Like we don’t quite belong.

What if we all learned to see ourselves as nature, not separate from it?

What if we remembered that the same pulse that causes the planet to spin is the very thing that breathes us?

What if we learned to acknowledge the earth and its keepers?

The ancestors and custodians through the ages who have tended to the sacred earth that lays beneath. And also those who were part of its demise.

It is a difficult thing to acknowledge our ancestors or even ourselves through our unconsciousness, may have been involved in the severing that we live and breathe today.

The Grandmother's The Rose Oracle Rebecca Campbell

But what if true healing can only happen when we allow ourselves to acknowledge it?

What if, through acknowledging the history of the earth beneath us are we are able to begin to heal what has been severed and open up the pathways of healing? Regardless if it was done by you, to you or well before you.

When we acknowledge it we begin to clear and reactivate our connection with it? To shake the inherited need to conquer, take, ignore or own it in attempt to feel like we belong.


Featured images from The Rose Oracle cards ‘Codes of the Seeds, The Wastelands and The Grandmothers’.

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