Sacred Union


Beloved within. Inner and outer relationships.

Relationships are how we grow; they cradle and stretch us. Through connection and division, love and hurt, compassion and separation, they invite us to return again and again to the most important relationship we’ll ever have – the one with ourself, the sacred union that’s been waiting within. Ancient mystery teachings whisper secrets of sacred unions: Hieros gamos (‘sacred marriage’) in early Christian mysticism and Kabbalah, sexual alchemy in ancient Egyptian teachings, and Yab-yum (‘father-mother’) in Tibetan Buddhism. We’re familiar with mystic couples such as Isis and Osiris, but we each have the sacred masculine and feminine within. And sacred union through external relationship is always an invitation to deepen the union within. Every relationship can be seen as an invitation to deepen connection with the beloved within, even our most challenging relationships – especially the most challenging ones.

Card of the day from The Rose Oracle

The sacred union isn’t just between you and another – it’s returning to yourself. And when we return to ourselves, we also return to humanity as a whole.

Maybe you’re being invited to grow through relationships. Perhaps you feel like you’re being tested or stretched, or find yourself longing for something external. This is an invitation to deepen the connection within, to embrace yourself fully and treat yourself like the most precious person on the planet. The more embraced you feel, the easier it is to embrace others.

Soul Inquiry:

How can you embrace yourself more?   

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