Rose without Thorns

You have a right to your joy. Peace. Sweetness of life.

Most roses have thorns that protect the plant. When you walk past, it’s so easy to get caught on their spiky stems. As if the thorns themselves are an initiation for the observer to get to the breathtaking beauty and scent of the queen of all flowers in full bloom.

However, there are a small number of roses that are unlike most, possessing few or no thorns, and that’s what this card is all about. The Rose without Thorns is an invitation to dive straight into the sweetness of your life. To rest into the softness. To enjoy the delicious fragrance, to rest in and relish what it means to be currently alive in this body. To embrace all the beauty and bliss that life has to offer.


Card of the day from The Rose Oracle

You have a right to your joy and the Rose without Thorns wants you to take every ounce of it in right now. To celebrate and lose yourself in the sweetness of your life. This is a rare moment in time of deep peace and enjoyment. You’re being called to taste all that it has to offer. To drink it all in. You deserve every drop. You’ve worked for this moment. Embrace it now with open arms. It’s safe for you to enjoy this. To welcome this. To embody all of this. And while life is ever-changing and forever inviting us to grow, right now your lesson is to be in the delight of it all.

Rose Transmission

I have a right to my joy. I appreciate and drink in the sweet nectar of my life. 

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