When Friendships End

In this episode

I’m exploring a complex topic that isn’t discussed much.

I’ve enlisted my bestie, Amy Firth, and together with laughter and truth-bombs, we unpack the unique grief of friendships ending.

I’ve really felt a pull lately to find a way to address this topic. There’s so much out there about different types of relationship endings: death, divorce, breakups, and separation, but rarely do I come across conversations that address the unique and profound grief that comes with the end of a friendship. Anchored in our own friendship of 20+ years, join Amy & I as we explore the changing seasons of friendships and share our own experiences of what helped us sit with and work through the pain and discomfort of friendships ending.

“You can still lovingly hold space for someone – and not have them in your life.”

– Amy Firth


Soul Inquiry

The Soul Inquiry prompts for this episode are:
Have you experienced a friendship ending before?
Is there anything you’re being called to do, to honour the ending of that friendship today?

Now it's time to commit to a grounded action:
What is a baby step you can take in that direction to integrate it into your life today?

Key Timestamps

  • 05:12 Why it feels so different to other breakups or bereavements.

  • 08:35 How simple ritual can help us articulate our grief.

  • 14:02 The importance of clear communication & having difficult conversations.

  • 16:53 Is conflict constructive or destructive?

  • 18:38 Amy's experience of going to therapy with a friend.

  • 24:30 Allowing the seasons & cycles of different friendships.

  • 30:01 Soul connections and when friendships serve their purpose.

  • 35:03 How stepping back & letting go can be the most loving act.

  • 39:13 Are women hardwired to protect the home/our sense of belonging?

  • 49:46 How the 'Honouring Endings' ritual is a simple tool to honour the endings of friendships.

  • 56:11 Soul Inquiry Prompts

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