What Is A Mystery School?

In this episode

We explore the concept, history and purpose of Mystery Schools.

A place to reflect, remember and return to your inner wisdom.

Today, we’re deep diving into Mystery Schools: their history, their purpose, their invitation. Mystery Schools have always been devoted to inner wisdom, cultivating a syllabus which is not so much about higher academic learning, more so about a deeper, intuitive understanding – essentially teaching that life is an inner-journey of spiritual awakening. I invite you to receive this episode with an open heart and mind. Listen closely to the things that chime true in you or pique your interest – and most importantly, act on your curiosity if it speaks to your soul.

“If a library is where you go for the known, a Mystery School is where you go to explore the unknown.

— Rebecca Campbell


Soul Inquiry

The Soul Inquiry prompt for this episode is:
What is your soul calling you to learn more about?

Now it's time to commit to a grounded action:
What is one baby step you can take in that direction?

Key Timestamps

  • 01:06 Founding The Inner Temple Mystery School

  • 02:19 Opening Sacred Space

  • 02:56 Understanding the meaning of the word ‘mystery’

  • 03:53 A Mystery School is where you go to explore the unknown

  • 04:41 Remembering and reconnecting with the ancient wisdom within

  • 05:32 Embracing a ‘mystery mindset’

  • 05:54 The history of ancient Mystery Schools

  • 09:07 The essence and spirit of ancient Mystery Schools today

  • 10:42 There is no greater mystery school than nature

  • 13:22 The journey of self discovery within a community

  • 14:17 Coming out of the spiritual closet

  • 17:50 Today’s Soul Inquiry prompts

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