The Mystic Always Rises

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Reclaiming the ancient voice within.

Today, we explore silenced truths with a reading of The Mystic Always Rises. This poem is an exploration of the ancient feminine voice that resonates deep within all of us. As I reflect on my own ancestry, healing journey, and reconnection to feminine power, I invite you to allow yourself to be seen and heard, trusting the inner wisdom that’s within us all.

“As each one of us allows ourselves to be seen, it makes it easier for the next one to do the same.”

— Rebecca Campbell


Key Timestamps

  • 00:28 A Poem: The Mystic Always Rises.

  • 02:18 This poem is a reclamation of an ancient voice within me.

  • 02:57 Allowing myself to share that unrestrained feminine force.

  • 03:35 Retracing the steps of my ancestry.

  • 05:04 The impact we have collectively by allowing ourselves to be seen.

  • 06:14 Honoring the courageous work of generations of women that came before.

  • 06:35 May the mystic within you always rise.

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