The Moment Of Your Birth

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Exploring the initiation of birth, not just for the child, but for the mother as well.

Today, I share some of my most favorite words I’ve ever written, a poem, The Moment Of Your Birth. I wrote it at a time when it felt like the whole world was being birthed and dying and being blasted wide open. I saw how fleeting and precious this life is, how huge it is for any soul to be embodied and for all the things that need to be in place for that moment to happen. I was really grasping the words to describe the ineffable experience that is birth and life and death. So, this poem is my attempt to put words around the enormous mystery of being a soul, having a human experience from the first breath until the last.

“Ever since I was a girl, I was captivated by this great journey we’re on, by birth and death, and by these huge experiences that we all have that are so extreme and yet the most natural, normal thing in the world.”

— Rebecca Campbell

Key Timestamps

  • 00:32 A poem: The Moment Of Your Birth

  • 02:21 Where this poem came from within me.

  • 03:23 Working out who I was after the birth of my son.

  • 05:51 Grasping the words to describe the ineffable experiences of birth, life and death.

  • 07:38 The enormous mystery of being a soul.

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