The Key To Trusting Your Intuition

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What’s the real key to trusting your inner voice?

Today, we dive deep into our intuitive senses, exploring how the soul communicates with us and the diverse ways our intuition speaks. I believe that we are all naturally intuitive – we’ve all had those gut feelings, those moments of inexplicable knowing. While many of us may have been raised in ways that have caused us to switch off from it or doubt it, we can all still tap into it. So, in this episode I share my biggest tip for trusting it. The more we exercise this ‘muscle’, the clearer its voice becomes. I’ve seen firsthand how this key has helped thousands of people truly understand and deepen their intuition – even the skeptics…

“I find that understanding how you receive your intuition is such a big milestone in trusting it”

– Rebecca Campbell

Soul Inquiry

The Soul Inquiry prompts for this episode are:
What do you think is your strongest intuitive sense?

Now it's time to commit to a grounded action:
What is one baby step you can take to embrace that intuitive sense a little bit more today?

Key Timestamps

  • 00:55 Opening Sacred Space.

  • 01:30 We are all naturally, innately intuitive.

  • 02:32 The key to trusting your intuition - the body’s senses.

  • 04:26 Clairvoyance - clear seeing.

  • 05:37 Clairaudience – clear hearing.

  • 07:03 Claircognizance – clear knowing.

  • 08:28 Clairsentience – clear feeling.

  • 09:49 How I receive my intuition.

  • 11:33 Today’s Soul Inquiry prompts.

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