Your Greatest Superpower

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I’ve known Tanya for 20 years and have loved watching her follow her true passion and purpose.

Content Warning: Please note in this episode Tanya and I talk openly about miscarriage, infertility, IVF and adoption. If these topics are sensitive for you, feel free to skip this episode.

Tanya and I first crossed paths at University – and since she’s built a creative and multi-passionate career. Our conversation travels in many directions as we touch on ambition, anxiety, ego, making it in a “mans world”, the importance of showing up to our calling again and again, learning to live from our feminine and the importance of trusting our intuition – especially when it doesn’t make sense. Beyond her skillful humor, she is deeply attuned to life. She’s someone who feels the world deeply and the brilliance of Tanya is how she shares herself and her observations with such generosity, vulnerability and relatability. This conversation is a real vibe. Tanya is fun and funny and interested and interesting. I think you’re going to love this episode.

“There’s no other you. You are your greatest superpower.” 

— Tanya Hennessy


Soul Inquiry

Soul Inquiry is a practice where we enter a direct dialogue with our inner self. 

The Soul Inquiry prompt for this episode is:
What is your soul calling you to step into?

Now it’s time to commit to a grounded action:
What is a baby step you can take in that direction today?

Key Timestamps

  • 02:08 Opening Sacred Space.

  • 06:19 Ambition coming from a place of fear.

  • 09:17 Intuition sometimes doesn’t make sense and needs willpower.

  • 15:15 Making it in a man’s world.

  • 22:27 Dealing with IVF and endometriosis.

  • 24:10 Identifying as a celebrity.

  • 28:18 The intimacy of writing.

  • 29:15 Following your calling.

  • 37:45 Your greatest superpower.

  • 39:29 The only thing harder than answering the call is not answering it.

  • 41:44 Today’s Soul Inquiry prompts.

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