How To Quit Your Day Job & Live Your Dream

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Keep following what lights you up and you will light up the world without even trying.

Today, I’m sharing 5 tips that allowed me to follow my true calling. I know what it feels like to be stuck in that in-between place where it feels like the career or life we’re living just doesn’t feel in alignment anymore. I’ve been there, standing at that daunting crossroads, torn between security and purpose. Navigating the path that leads to our true passions can feel overwhelming – it really does take courage and effort, so I’m excited to share these tips with you today. I offer them with my full encouragement to truly listen to the wisdom within, and I hope they save you from some heartache.

“To everyone else, it looks like a single leap. But in reality it was hundreds and thousands of little baby steps.”

– Rebecca Campbell

Soul Inquiry

The Soul Inquiry prompts for this episode are:
How are you being called to step more into your calling today?

Now it's time to commit to a grounded action:
What is one baby step you can take in that direction?

Key Timestamps

  • 01:18 Opening Sacred Space.

  • 02:04 It never happens in one little leap.

  • 03:27 Tip one: Do one thing every day in the direction of your calling.

  • 06:55 Tip two: Create a protective elevator pitch.

  • 12:40 Tip three: Ride two surfboards for a while…

  • 15:32 Tip four: Walk into who you're becoming.

  • 16:11 Tip five: Immerse yourself into the life that you're being called to live.

  • 18:22 Today’s Soul Inquiry prompts.

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