Grounding Meditation

In this episode

I’m sharing one of my favourite Sacred Practices.

A meditation called: Earth Pulsing. 

I created this meditation practice in 2017 when I was craving replenishment and regulation. It is a great practice to find some calm, slow down, get grounded, fill up your well, and regulate yourself.

Join me as we meditate together. It would be great if you could do it in nature, but you can also do it lying on the ground or a bed.

“Your only job for this meditation really is to slow down your breath, surrender, and relax. We will be connecting to the heartbeat of the earth and inviting our own heartbeat to sync in with that.”

— Rebecca Campbell


Soul Inquiry

The Soul Inquiry prompt for this episode is:
What is your body truly yearning for?

Now it's time to commit to a grounded action:
What is a baby step you can take in that direction to integrate it into your life today?

Key Timestamps

  • 00:20 What is Earth Pulsing?

  • 03:32 Let's open Sacred Space together

  • 04:21 Earth Pulsing Meditation Practice

  • 17:08 Soul Inquiry prompts

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