For Those Going Through Sacred Pain

In this episode

I share a poem which I wrote during the extreme times of 2020.

“After winter, sweetness will return once more…”

I wrote this poem in early 2020. I’d just given birth to my first child and life was changing so deeply, so fast, in so many ways. The world was in a state of chaos like we’d never known and I felt deeply attuned to the intense, collective suffering we were all experiencing. And yet, the experience of birthing of my son had shown me the agony and ecstasy of new beginnings – the raw power of surrendering to sacred pain and life unfolding… This poem speaks from that place – and is a prayer for your healing, your wholeness, the medicine of your inner seasons. May you know how held you are. 

“There is such potential in the fertile void, the darkness, the in-between – if we can just trust the process, trust the season, trust the sacred pain.”

— Rebecca Campbell


Key Timestamps

  • 00:32 A poem: For Those Going Through Sacred Pain

  • 02:29 Where this poem came from in me.

  • 04:25 Collectively emerging from a difficult phase in our lives.

  • 05:58 The purpose of this poem.

  • 06:17 I’m holding you in my prayers.

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