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I’ve been wanting to have THIS very conversation with her for years now and I’m so happy to be able to share it with you.

Nothing can quite prepare you for the endless ways in which becoming a parent changes you. The transition from Maid to Mother is a profound rite of passage.  This episode is a deep dive into matrescence, a term often overlooked in our culture. Just as ‘adolescence’ heralds huge change in teenagers, matrescence refers to the profound changes of motherhood – not just the physical and hormonal changes but also the deep shifts within our identity, values, and beliefs. I love Amy’s ability to articulate big concepts with generous simplicity and an undeniable passion. Whether you’re a parent yourself, longing to be or just looking to explore these lost rites of passage, this episode holds treasure for you.

“Matrescence begins the moment you contemplate how motherhood might fit into your life.”

— Amy Taylor-Kabbaz


Soul Inquiry

Soul Inquiry is a practice where we enter a direct dialogue with our inner self. 

The Soul Inquiry prompt for this episode is:
How are you being called to honor your matrescence?

Or the matrescence for a mother in your life?

Now it’s time to commit to a grounded action:
What is a baby step you can take in that direction today?

Key Timestamps

  • 02:05 Opening Sacred Space.

  • 03:58 What is matrescence and why does it mean so much?

  • 10:44 A word that encompasses all experiences as a mother.

  • 12:51 The ‘inner split’ of who you used to be and the mother.

  • 20:08 There is no official ‘end point’ of this experience.

  • 21:38 The unseen life force that the mother expels.

  • 26:43 Just like adolescence, matrescence heralds change.

  • 32:20 Motherhood is what feminism forgot.

  • 36:06 This will be the making of you.

  • 39:35 The heavy layers of love towards a mother.

  • 45:35 The constantly changing ways of returning to the wisdom within.

  • 47:01 Today’s Soul Inquiry prompts.

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