4 Tips To Manifest What You Truly Want in 2024

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Tips to attune and get clear on your soul’s deepest prayer.

Today we’re exploring listening to your soul’s deepest prayers for the year ahead as I share my four tips to really manifesting and creating the life that you truly want in 2024. And what a better time to reflect on this than these strange, stretchy days nestled between the warmth of Christmas and the fresh beginnings of the New Year.

I really believe in this holy time of year – beyond the religious significance across many different faith paths, I believe this time of year is sacred to everyone. It’s a precious pause on the bridge between the years – and the perfect place for us to get clear on what we’re calling in for the year ahead.

“What we’re doing when we’re manifesting is we’re creating with life, we’re entering into a harmonious dance with life.”

– Rebecca Campbell

Key Timestamps

  • 02:01 The sacred period between Christmas and New Year.

  • 02:48 Embracing where you are.

  • 04:21 What is my soul most calling me to do in 2024?

  • 05:13 What's rising in me and what's falling away?

  • 06:05 1st tip: Close the year.

  • 07:10 2nd tip: Frustrations hold information.

  • 09:35 3rd tip: Own it and share it.

  • 15:34 4th tip: Do one thing each day in that direction.

  • 18:56 Finding more support in closing off the year.

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