Leading from the feminine

Rebecca Campbell

Rebecca Campbell


For the past nine months I’ve been going through quite a significant change. A career girl who had learned to make it in a man’s world, I realised how I had been living in a way that did not honour the cyclic nature of my body. I discovered how I had learned to rely so heavily on my masculine patriarchal strengths of pushing on through, enduring, not stopping and always being ON. When Light Is The New Black came out I was so devoted to being of service that I pushed my body’s needs aside and rapidly became depleted. While I had written the book while in the feminine, I had no idea how to run my business without reverting heavily to the unbalanced masculine. From my career in advertising, this was the only way of working that I knew. Before long it became evident that this was no longer sustainable for me if I was to create a life’s work, not a season.

I retreated to the luscious land of Avalon (Glastonbury) to give myself the nourishment I needed and look at how I could build my life around leading from the feminine and building my business in a way that is sustainable for all of the creations that I am here to share. And there are many.

At the end of November, two weeks before I left London for Sydney, I returned to Glastonbury for my hens party with three amazing women (Amy Kiberd, Hollie Holden and Lisa Lister) who joined me in a powerful ritual in the White Springs. The intention of the ritual was to step fully into my feminine power and release any old patterns from my lineage so that as I could enter my marriage without having to relive them over and over again.

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It was one of the most powerful experiences of my life which set off a seriously powerful chain of events both personally and in the female line of my family that I have been living through since and to be honest still digesting! It amazes me – the power of women coming together in circle.

While I was in Australia I twisted my ankle and got very sick twice! It was as if my body was releasing lifetimes of holding it all together and pushing on through. It was uncomfortable and absolutely beautiful as I found myself surrounded by all of these strong women who gave me healing, soup, love and sisterhood.

The visual that best represents it is a lobster molting (losing its shell). The time comes in a lobster’s life where the hard shell that once protected it so beautifully becomes tight and is restricting its growth. And so the lobster finds a safe rock to retreat under to shed the very thing that has been home for so long, in order to continue to grow and flow with life. This process is not effortless and it certainly is not pretty. It is a real struggle. But before long the lobster finds itself free from the hard shell and reenters the great world softer and sensitive yet freer, connected and more alive than ever.

The past year felt like a tightening of that shell. My time away in Australia has felt like that rock. And now I am making my way back into the ocean feeling softer, stronger, potent, freer and more myself than ever before.

While I am also aware of having shed an old protective method of survival, I sense a fierce wisdom rising deep within me that would not have had the space to rise had I kept myself contained in that safe shell any longer.

Rise Sister Rise:

Are you currently leading from the masculine or the feminine? What in your life is no longer sustainable?

  • Kind of weird but I sensed that you needed some proper down time in Australia, which is why I didn’t bug you to meet up. Good for you. Enjoy the ‘proper’ winter now, and all it brings x x x

  • What an amazing video and metaphor- although I felt sorry for the lobster being stuck in a cage when it looked like it wanted to swim free away from its old shell.

    I really relate to this post. I’ve just quit a job that was a bit of a ‘shell’ and had a very masculine energy. I’m now trying to make it as a freelancer on my own terms and work out a new way of being. Feel like I’m going through huge transformation and it’s not easy. Your post was just what I needed to read today. Thank you xx

  • Abigail Barnes

    Wow this is amazing. Thank you for sharing your journey and your light, congratulations on your marriage…your book brought me much understanding and peace, I have recommended it to all the light workers that I know (a huge number of which are in Oz!). Leaving the mental prison that I have come to know so well in order to follow my own divine path has been a daily journey of growing pains as I evolve…but like the lobster there is only one option, to keep on going. I really can’t wait to hear more about your thoughts around working from the feminine power after 10 years of working in corporate with a similar story to yourself, I am now building my own business from a more power and less forced based energy and find myself searching for teachers in this energy which you describe as the feminine, it is easier said than done as almost teachers come from a male foundation, event the women! Thank you and namaste xx

  • Soulflower27

    Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca…. THAT WAS PHENOMENAL!!! I didn’t even know in all of my 41 years of living that Lobsters had this experience of shedding from their shell like this. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, this was truly a profound symphonic message and one that is very inspirational and life+changing. xoxo

  • Soulflower27

    P.S. I AM so grateful for the precious shedding, clearing and transformation that you’ve been experiencing and that you had such powerful, loving, supporting women to create this sacred and safe circle for you and one another, as I’m sure they had some powerful shifts and experiences along with you. xoxo I really Love the thought and energy of what you did before you were married and truly believe that instead of people having bachelor and bachelorette parties before marriage, that these types of shedding of old belief systems, core issues, old programming etc. happen before joining in a sacred partnership. Pure Gorgeousness!!! Thank you!

  • Melissa Stanton-Matthews

    As if you were inside my head and my heart ❤️ When things are so muddled and I don’t understand what is going on I see an email from you or an insta message and suddenly everything seems absolutely perfect and as it should be at that moment!
    Thank you for showing me the way and making me feel empowered, beautiful and not completely mad ????
    Congratulations on you and your husbands soul Union, may you always be happy.
    With love and gratitude to you as always Xx

  • Is that a “Happy Dance”… I could swear the lobster is doing a “Happy Dance” post-shedding 😉

  • Rebecca Campbell

    haha my pleasure melissa and thank you 🙂

  • Rebecca Campbell


  • Rebecca Campbell

    It’s amazing isn’t it!

  • Rebecca Campbell

    Absolutely! That is a wonderful way to put it – shedding of old belief systems 🙂

  • Rebecca Campbell

    Thanks for spreading the light Abigail. Rise sister rise!

  • Rebecca Campbell


  • Rebecca Campbell

    I’m so glad x

  • Srimanju Katragadda

    wow this blog is so relating.. and love the metaphor never knew about Lobster removing shell. I have been on my masculine side and so far and now with my writing journey since Wirters workshop in May 2015 am entering consiously to my feminine side. Its been an a peace with no effort. Thank you for being as you and inspiring us. Namaste

  • Such a good question to consider. So much of my life has been spent leading from the masculine, and I’m learning to let the feminine lead more. It feels much better, although I certain have times where I struggle with trusting that things will just flow.

  • Jacque Tros

    I had the same feeling about the lobster wanting to get out….

  • Kay Tope

    Just awesome. Beautiful, powerful, awesome. Touched my soul. Thank you for sharing this. Blessings to you, sister.

  • Quirky Qabalist

    My ‘day job’ is in a very masculine environment and I live for the time when i am home and able to focus on my feminine energy – this is the life force of everyone and everything, in my opinion! Thank you for sharing 🙂 Q

  • Rebecca Campbell


  • Rebecca Campbell


  • Rebecca Campbell

    Good for you Srimanju 🙂

  • Kathy Pearson

    Awesome – I love this. I am most certainly learning how to be in my feminine power and step away from the masculine. And it feels beautiful to soften. Thanks for this and leading the way xx

  • Linzi Bevan

    Everything I am reading Rebecca is making so much sneeze to me in my life, right now. In turning 29 this year and after a traumatic ending to my relationship recently your words of wisdom and experience is the only thing getting me through this. Thank you x