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Hiraeth: Longing for home. Homesick for the stars.

Hiraeth is a Welsh word that’s difficult to translate, but it refers to a certain longing or homesickness. A yearning for a home or a place to which we cannot return. This unexplainable, unshakable longing for ‘home’ is common in Starseeds and old souls. Perhaps you’ve had it since birth.

For some, it’s a distant memory of a planet, galaxy, or star system in the Universe that their soul remembers and yearns to return to. A place they may have experienced more than Earth. For others it’s a longing for the unity of Source. A remembering of interconnected oneness.

This yearning can lead some Starseeds to travel, searching all corners of the planet to find a physical place that feels more like ‘home.’ For others it can manifest as a need to find ‘home’ in people, communities, and relationships. A journey to find somewhere they truly belong.

If you resonate with this yearning for home, but don’t really know where home is, you’re being invited to remember that your soul chose to be on Earth. You’re being called to fully commit to embodying your life. You’re being reassured that you didn’t come here alone and that your soul consciously decided to experience what it’s like to be a soul in a human body on this planet at this time.

You’re being called to anchor all of your presence, your personality, your soul, and your spirit in the here and now. To fully commit to living this life, right now. To commit to putting two feet completely in.


How can you commit more fully to your life?

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