Sureness of the soil. Unseen help. Support. Community.

When times are turbulent, to keep ourselves steady, we need something to hold on to. When things are crumbling around us, we must find something we can count on that won’t budge. Deep roots to hold us steady when the winds of change come blowing. A supportive community around us.

When we leave home, we must find something to hold us. When our lover leaves, we must find something to hold us. When the job ends, we must find something to hold us. When our parents die, we must find something to hold us. When we think there’s nothing holding us, it’s an invitation to find new, supportive ground. This is where we can discover the sureness of the soil. The holding of the roots. And reach out to our community for extra holding. We were never meant to grow on this Earth alone.

Card of the day from The Rose Oracle

Sometimes, Life rips from us what we cling to the most. Or perhaps we cling to it for we can feel the cycles of change coming. Yet in the darkness of our longest, darkest night, we discover that it’s in the empty spaces that we can be reached and held the most. It’s in these that we discover a holding that we didn’t know before. And we discover that what we thought was a tomb is actually a womb.

You’re being called to trust that the Great Mother has got you. To trust in the sureness of Her soil. To trust the process of what’s unfolding and that you’re not going through this alone.

Soul Inquiry:

How can you call in more support in your life? What’s holding you right now? 


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