Come To Me

Attracting like a rose. Receive. Abundance. Desires.

Have you ever noticed how in summer, when the roses are at their fullest and their scent is hanging in the air, bees and other pollinators suddenly appear? Pollination happens when pollen from one plant mixes with pollen from another or is transferred from the stigma of one flower to the stigma of another.  

Roses don’t go running all over the place reaching and grabbing; rather, they rely on the bees to come to them. The rose is never reaching for the bee. It’s never grasping or overstretching. It embraces what it is fully and allows Life to come to it. It receives it fully. It doesn’t open and close according to who walks by; it opens and blooms regardless. 

Card of the day from The Rose Oracle

This card is about receiving abundance, rose style. It’s an invitation to receive the sweetness of your life, to embrace the magnificence of who you are, and also to open yourself up to the possibility of receiving what you yearn for deeply. To be clear on what you desire. To trust that all that’s meant for you wants to come to you. To state your desires out loud and let your yearnings be known. To ask for what you desire.  

Don’t reach or grasp; don’t strive, control, or manipulate – that will leave you exhausted, dry, and brittle. This card delivers the message that true, sustainable abundance is coming. Connect with your sensual true nature. Be unashamed of what you desire. And when it comes, relish each minute. 

Soul Inquiry:

What do you desire? What are you ready to open yourself up to receive? How can you attract like a flower? 

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