Brothers of the Rose

 brother rose

Sacred masculine. Honor. Protection. Support.

This is a card of the sacred masculine. Like the feminine, the sacred masculine exists within each one of us and together we’re all being called to balance both energies within us. The Sun and the Moon. Solar and lunar. Perhaps this is what it means to birth a new world.

The sacred, mature masculine is something so needed in our world. It’s the part of us that lives in deep honor and reverence of the feminine. It recognizes the Goddess within all of Life, including the Earth, and is committed to protecting and living in devotion to the feminine. The sacred masculine knows that striving and overpowering, enduring and conquering are not helpful. The sacred masculine is strong and tender, protective but not defensive.

Card of the day from The Rose Oracle

This card could be a sign that you’re being called to work on the sacred masculine energy within you that’s maturing and rising. It could be that you’re being called to work on ancestral healing of the paternal line. It could be an indication that you’re being called to invoke or acknowledge the sacred masculine in those around you. Or it could represent the sacred masculine appearing in your life.

The sacred masculine exists within all of us. They are encircling you so that you can do your sacred work – so that you can be part of the return of the Goddess on this Earth. The rose is their emblem, and they wear it proudly on their hearts.

Soul Inquiry:

How are you being called to work with the sacred masculine?

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