Awakening - Rebecca Campbell The Work Your Light Oracle

Energetic upgrades. A new way of being. Integration.

You are going through a period of awakening. Things are changing within you and at many levels. You are starting to remember ancient truths, and discovering more and more about who you are and why you incarnated.

You may find that you are experiencing past-life flashbacks, seeing the invisible thread that is woven through all of life, or even feeling kundalini Shakti rise through your body from the base of your spine.

The most important thing for this time is not to overthink it and to stay grounded. Share your experiences with like-souled people while you consciously integrate them. Journal and pay attention to your dreams. You are remembering and your soul gifts are emerging.

During this time of transition and awakening, you may be called to devote yourself to being of service. There are ideas, truths, concepts, books, and creations waiting to be birthed into this world. Stay open to receiving them. Pulling this card may be a sign that you are here to birth one of these creations into the world. Or perhaps you are being called to make a shift in your life in order to be of service. Don’t think too much about it, instead repeat the following Work Your Light Activation.


Hold your hand on your heart and say:

‘I surrender to my awakening. I allow the Shakti energy to rise from the base of my spine. I open myself up to the Universe using me in a way that delights my mind, body, and spirit.’

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