Rebecca Campbell is a transformational writer, speaker and podcaster supporting people to connect with the wisdom within.

As a mystic, Rebecca's mission is to weave the sacred back into everyday life. Her 'Three Steps to Living a Soul-Led Life' and books have transformed hundreds of thousands of people's lives all around the world.


Rebecca's #1 tool for living a soul-led life


Rebecca is the bestselling author of numerous books and oracle decks, including The Rose Oracle, Rise Sister Rise, Light Is the New Black, Letters To A Starseed, Work Your Light Oracle and Starseed Oracle. Rebecca is the founder of The Inner Temple Mystery School and The Sanctuary  Membership. Her books and oracle decks have been translated into 20 different languages and can be found in all corners of the globe.

Fascinated by the great mysteries, Rebecca answered an inner call to the sacred sites of her ancestry at the age of 18 and has had several initiatory awakening experiences ever since. A channel, Rebecca has been consciously working with the rose and other plants since 2010. Prior to sharing her visions through oracles and books, Rebecca was an award winning creative director.

Rebecca believes that we are nature and that, like nature, we are ever-changing.

She believes that our soul is always calling us every moment of every day and that if you develop a practice of acting on these whispers, you will find yourself living in flow with the rest of Life. She calls this 'living a soul-led life'.

Rebecca's training and qualifications include:

Six Sensory Consultant (Level 1, 2 and 3), Six Sensory Teacher Training, Soul Realignment Practitioner (Level 1 and 2), Kirtan Teacher Training (300h), Sacred Plant Medicine & Traditional Herbalism with Gaia School of Healing, Energy Medicine Practitioner & Coach (the Four Winds, Que'ro lineage), Guardian of the Forest Course, Follow the Land: Trekking, Transhumance, Trail Pilgrimage & Land Consciousness, The Rites of the Munay Ki, Guardian of the River Course, intuitively working with the rose and other plants since 2010, BA Communications, AWARD Creativity School and 10 years experience as an award winning copywriter and creative director.

Prior to writing books, Rebecca forged a successful career as an award-winning creative director, working for some of the world's top advertising agencies in London and Sydney and helping some of the world's biggest brands find their authentic voices. In her late twenties she decided to take her spiritual studies to the next level and devote her life's work to exploring the inner life of the soul.

Originally from the sunny shores of Sydney, Rebecca followed her soul's whispers, leading her to Somerset, UK, where she now lives with her family.


‘Rebecca Campbell guides people to courageously answer the unique callings of their soul so they can light up the world in a way that only they can.’

‘Meeting Rebecca is like taking a bracing dip in the ocean, and then stepping out feeling cleansed.’

‘Rebecca Campbell is a Revolutionary.’

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Work with Rebecca and receive instant access to her spiritual practice library of practices worth over $3000.




Rebecca's first book has helped over 200,000 people to answer the call of their soul and work their light. This is an inspiring companion to help you to follow what lights you up, answer the call of your soul and create the life of your dreams.



Rise Sister Rise is a transmission that calls the innate ancient feminine wisdom within us to rise. It is a manual for healing the insecurities, fears and inherited patterns that stop women trusting their innate wisdom and power. This book invites you to co-create a whole new archetype of woman; one who cultivates her own wisdom every single day.


Letters to a Starseed

Part guide, part activation, and part encouragement, Letters to a Starseed is a deeply soulful and mystical audiobook that will help you to uncover your cosmic origins, be more present to your life, and remember why you chose to be here now at this pivotal stage of human history.


A leading voice in spirituality, Rebecca's work is deep and illuminating.

– Soul and Spirit Magazine

Rebecca Campbell will guide you to embrace your power and awaken your authentic self. Her gift is evident.

– LeAnn Rimes

I'm a super fan of Rebecca Campbell. She guides her readers to step into their power so they can live and lead at their highest potential.

– Gabby Bernstein
New York Times Bestselling Author

Voted top 10 oracle decks.


Each generation needs a new inspiring voice. Rebecca Campbell is that voice. She will change the way we think about spirituality and empowerment.

– Mel Carlile
Mind Body Spirit Festival

Rebecca Campbell is a grounded spiritual teacher here to awaken and call in a new age.

– Sonia Choquette
New York Times Bestselling Author

Rebecca Campbell is a modern-day High Priestess led by the Divine. I’ve never in my life met anyone that shines like she does. Rebecca is the real deal.

– Kyle Gray
Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author

One of the top 100 women of spirit

– The Brahama Kumaris



Unlock the sacred mysteries of the rose with this deeply mystical breathtakingly beautiful oracle. The rose is a secret symbol of Goddesses of old and She has potent medicine for these times. This oracle creates space for you to connect with Her energy, wisdom and breathtaking beauty. May Her healing mysteries call you home to your true nature and trust the future rose gardens seeded within..

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This beautiful 44-card oracle deck has been created to help you light up the world with your presence and deepen your relationship with your soul and the Source of all things. By working with its five suits and connecting with your intuition, you will find that your soul's voice gets louder and you are able to deeply embrace who you are and the work you came here to do.

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Have you always had a longing for home without really knowing what that meant? If so, you could be a Starseed Soul - one who has incarnated elsewhere in the cosmos before your time on Earth. This activating oracle will help you to unlock your soul gifts, connect with your cosmic origins, and remember who you truly are.

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Rebecca leads activating workshops internationally, giving people an experience of their soul. She has spoken on stages in countries all over the world, inspiring thousands. You will leave one of Rebecca's events having heard the whispers of your soul, connected to your heart, shifted your energy, and connected with like-minded people. Past attendees have described Rebecca's events as 'transformational', 'magical' and 'unlike anything else out there'.

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Whether through The Sanctuary Membership + Community, her books, oracle decks,  online courses or events, Rebecca has made it her mission to bring you the tools you need to spend more time with your soul.

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