Your greatest fear can show you your greatest gift

So often our greatest fears are the gatekeepers to our greatest gifts. And if you pause a moment to feel into that, what comes up for you?

What are the things that shake you up? The things that make you shrink and be small, run away or hide? I believe that if you can summon the bravery to look into the aspects of yourself that lie in the darkest places, there will be light there waiting for you.

But it takes your courage to reach through and set those gifts free. To look into the face of the things that we’re afraid to do and then get curious on what’s on the other side of them. However, if we gather up the courage to lean through them, something magical happens.

One of my greatest fears was sharing my voice and sharing my creations. And yet, that’s what I came here to do. I came here to share the parts of myself I was most afraid of sharing. There’s definitely wisdom in that.

If we can find the courage to face our greatest fears and breathe through them and create through them and move through them and dance through them…very often, on the other side, we discover our greatest gifts. Because these gifts are creations seeded within you – planted before your birth. Waiting.

Just on the other side of those fears are unborn possibilities yearning to be woven, songs of the ancient Earth eager to hum through you, beckoning to be sung. A new consciousness that longs to be written into matter.

I know it feels big to walk into what you fear the most, and yet your soul is always calling you to surrender to the creations whispering you forth. Your soul is asking you to fully realize who you came to be and bring it out into the world. And as you do, as you share your song, it unlocks something in someone else. Beckoning them to dig deep into their darkness and release the gifts hidden within them too.


If you were feeling courageous, what would you do?


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